Here’s how we contribute.


1.  Allow you to stay focused as the business.

New and old businesses need the attention of  their managers.  They should be focused on marketing, or raising funds.

2.  Focus on what you really know.

A majority of founders do not have a background in finance.  Accounts payable and receivables, and taxes is foreign.  It’s better to have a professional manage to avoid mistakes and save money.

3.  Work – life balance

If you’re managing all the affairs of your business, when will you have time for yourself?  You’ll be missing the balance in life that refreshes and inspires you.

4.  Different set of eyes

You may believe you know the status of things in your business, but it really does help to have a second set up eyes to verify and report what’s going on each month.

5.  Escape mundane aspects of the business

We enjoy counting numbers  With the help of AI we verify and automate.  After issuing financial reports, we connect with you to verify one more time.

6.  Ensure timely tax filings

The very last thing a business owner wants to see if a letter from IRS.  We produce tax ready financial statements that you can submit to your CPA or one of our tax filing partners.

7.  Maintain cash flow

We work with you to identify metrics that that can trigger a warning before cash flow get too low.  A Posted Accounts dedicated Accounting Advisor can then provide  guidance to navigate.

8.  Timely payments

During economic swings, like your personal credit, business credit can be impacted by how much debt is carries and the timeliness of your vendor payments.  We make payments timely, when do.

9.  Reduce financial costs

It’s more costly to correct a financial problem when it was not setup correctly in the beginning.  We employ Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and best business practices for your industry. Apps such a Hubdoc or streamline the financial reporting process.

10.  Resolve conflict of interest 

Lenders and partners alike, zealously welcome independent financial reporting.  When needed, we can issue Compilation Fiancial Statements.  Integrity is paramount.